Color Appearance Models | Prototype Model Makers | Prototype Development Model | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM Color Appearance Models manufacturer and Prototype Model Makers supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 5100 ,Prototype Development Model,Model Prototype,Prototyping Process Model buyers around the world at Tue, 19 Jun 2018 22:55:19 -0600 CNC Machining <img src='productpic/ps_6n931487211419.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}-->'s CNC machining capabilities enable to mill the finest and accurate machining parts and products. Our engineering experts pay fully attention on the machining process to make sure the tools operation or the data is running correctly. With the assistance of CAD/CAM programs we produces numerous CNC prototypes. Up-to-date CNC machine including 5-axis CNC machine enables to speed up the manufacturing process and accurately meet the tolerance requirement.<br /> <br /> *Standard tolerance ±0.1mm CNC Machining CNC Quality Control <img src='productpic/ps_89nb1487211503.png' /><br>We mill the parts according to the 3D data, and we will do detailed dimensions examination right after machining. The state-of-art equipment assist our engineers strengthen the ability to make sure all the machining qualities of all the finished parts. Make sure everything is correct at the very beginning is highly important. With our years of experienced knowledge we are ready to complete your every significant product. CNC Quality Control CNC Material <img src='productpic/ps_ocho1487212111.jpg' /><br>The following list are all the materials we frequently use:<br /> * CNC Milling engineering plastics:<br /> ABS ; PC ;ABS/PC ; PC+GF; POM, Glass filled PC ; PMMA ;&nbsp; NYLON ; DERLIN ; PP…etc.<br /> <br /> * Metal Alloys:<br /> Magnesium ; AL ; Stainless Steel ; Titanium ;copper Zinc, Copper ; Carbon Steel…etc.<br /> <br /> * Others: Carbon fiber, leather, wood, Fabric, PU Foam…etc. CNC Material Prototype Maker <img src='productpic/ps_5phm1487212265.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> professes appearance model, working prototype, also spray painting &amp; various precision manufacturing fixture. We are deeply convinced that "base everything on humanity" is the way for an enterprise to develop forever. We also stick to our invariable promise of "quality, innovation, service" and made up our mind to become the best partner that will help clients to promote their production competitiveness. Prototype Maker Non Functional Prototype <img src='productpic/ps_mncn1487212320.png' /><br>Appearance model is a non-functional showing the visual color surface treatment and dimension. Making a prototyping looks like simple and easy; in fact, we are supporting the front end multiplicity industrial designs. Therefore, when the prototyping develops to a certain extent, it must face more challenges from the diversified customers. Also, we constant learn and grow from the challenges from our customers and that is why we can provide the best quality. Non Functional Prototype Model Appearance <img src='productpic/ps_jck71487212590.jpg' /><br>It is our pleasure to bring the designers' design come to life. In view of the rapid ID designers innovative design, which makes great achievements and developments;hence, we establish a specialize CMF and R&amp;D team, the integration of designers creativity and our technology can transform all of it into your original color scheme. Model Appearance CMF Research <img src='productpic/ps_2pv81487212779.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> equipped with outstanding CMF lab.<br /> We can create many colors to match with different materials to achieve multiplicity surface treatments. We dedicated to cooperate with our customer to complete any challenges. During the project process, we create a set of color chips with upper lower limit color range for our customer to choose and sent out to customers for the approval during the project. By this way, we can make sure we use the right color and present the best result of the products. Also, we are happy to help our customers to doing color research for any future products. CMF Research Color Samples <img src='productpic/ps_fe6t1487212881.png' /><br>We create a variety of color sample for designers as aspiration helping them to speed up the designing process. We participate in color trend forward seminar so that we can get the first hand news about the state-of-the-art color trending and transfer to our designer friends at the early stage. Being a professional model maker it is our responsibility to keep sharp eye out for the design industry. <!--{$companyname}--> also provides custom color solution for our customers. If you want to tailor-made your own color samples, please do not hesitate to meet with us. Color Samples Color Research <img src='productpic/ps_945k1487213106.jpg' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> equipped with Class 10K clean room.<br /> Our color specialist accurate creating the perfect color for every customer;meanwhile,doing some appropriate adjustment according to the different materials, surface treatment, glossiness. We make colors from the world famous color authority like PANTONE, RAL…etc. In this way we can be more easier to communicate the color range with our customers. Of course, you can provide color chips or any objects' color for us as a reference;as long as you can present what effect you want we all can achieve the best quality. Besides, we provide gloss value, LAB rate, surface roughness for our customers. We are willing to stand by our customers' side to make great efforts on the future products. Color Research Precision Machined Components <img src='productpic/ps_10z71487213223.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> has been cooperated with our customers to help them design and produce small scale, precise components and we are the experts in this field.<br /> <br /> Our company has adhered to quality first as work ethos. We cordially welcome you to come visit our company, and we will be sincerely delighted to provide you with our best service. Both small order and big order are welcome. We look forward to cooperating with your company. Your detailed inquiries will receive our full attention and rapid replies. Precision Machined Components Product Design Model Making <img src='productpic/ps_ibe31487213283.png' /><br>The consumer electronics products have already completely immersed into our daily life. New products keep continuing to launch at a tremendous speed. Therefore, we provide a one-stop service for our customers, which means your design team can see through the whole production process until the products delivery to you.<br /> Product Design Model Making CNC Precision Machining <img src='productpic/ps_fywc1487213362.png' /><br>We have the most advance CNC machine, including 5-axis CNC machine so that we can provide the precise dimensions, fine quality products. Every time before we start machining, we will carefully inspect each piece of raw materials to make sure it is flawless. Our smooth internal communication skill makes all projects end up successfully. <!--{$companyname}--> is your great partner in design and production. CNC Precision Machining CNC Precision Components <img src='productpic/ps_st2g1487213415.png' /><br>We are a factory that specialized in CNC Machining and stamping Service. Ensuring Quality Control Accurately and effectively we have modern professional equipment, including5-axis CNC machine, which help us make new items according to your requirements. We pay attention to the quality pay more attention to small details. We are expert in manufacturing of precision machine parts. CNC Precision Components Precision Mechanical Components <img src='productpic/ps_n1j61487213539.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}-->'s professional RD team members offer outstanding solutions on mechanical parts. All the design parts will go through a series inspection process to make sure the whole structure correctly and perfectly.<br /> <br /> To serve as the foundation, to the quality of survival.<br /> The customer is supreme, the service is thorough; the quality first, the science and technology is leading.<br /> Enterprise development, service oriented; quality service, honesty.<br /> High quality service, high technology innovation, high speed development. Precision Mechanical Components Mechanical Pieces <img src='productpic/ps_8y2f1487213591.png' /><br>We are welcome our customers to provide design and data sheets for us and we will very happy to work together and figure out the difficulties with our customers. This is a win-win situation and we are ready to face the challenges.<br /> <br /> Customer first, technology first, unity, truth-seeking and pragmatic.<br /> With the intention of innovation, competition can be developed.<br /> With the talent and technology as the foundation, to create the best products and services.<br /> Excellent team of professional services. Mechanical Pieces Laser Etching Process <img src='productpic/ps_pozx1487213691.jpg' /><br>"Laser" occurs when the heat from the beam hits the surface of the object and causes it starts to melt.<br /> <br /> The laser uses high heat to melt the surface of the object.<br /> It can apply any icons or patterns on the surface.<br /> You can use laser to clean cut edges without burr or dust.<br /> Laser etching can be used to create fancy works.<br /> Many companies use laser to show their logo or name on their own product as a symbol of uniqueness. Laser Etching Process Laser Cutting Process <img src='productpic/ps_gs961487213743.jpg' /><br>"Laser" occurs when the heat from the beam hits the surface of the object and causes it starts to melt.<br /> <br /> Advantages: Technical staffs experienced<br /> Producing and testing equipments: complete<br /> Quality: assured, high level<br /> Service: considerate(no matter before sale or after sale)<br /> Price: reasonable(have own factory) Laser Cutting Process Function Prototype <img src='productpic/ps_gs4d1487213833.jpg' /><br>In contrast with appearance model, the mechanical model is a fully functional model that used to display the detailed dimension, tolerance, function, and structure. And then doing some modification before products are going to mass production. It is our pleasure for <!--{$companyname}--> to assist clients solving the design issue of the mechanical and structural plane problems. Function Prototype Silicone Injection Molding <img src='productpic/ps_yxnj1487213905.png' /><br>Injection molding is a manufacturing way for producing the plastic parts. During the process, thermoplastic materials are melted in the injection mold machine and then injected into solid parts. Injection molding is applicable extensively, use do produce many daily items such as toothbrushes, plastic objects, many medical devices are manufactured by injection molding too. Anyway, injection molding is applicable very widely in many industries products. Silicone Injection Molding Silicone Rubber Mold <img src='productpic/ps_6f9t1487213948.png' /><br>By pouring liquid silicone material into the mold, the mold remains closed under pressure and temperature till the parts solidified, then parts are removed from the mold to finish the whole process. Silicone rubber is a multi-function and economical way for a silicone rubber molded pieces. Silicone rubber is fatigue and tear resistant. It is a suitable material for OEM parts of seals and valves, cables, medical, and food contact. Silicone Rubber Mold Vacuum Casting <img src='productpic/ps_ca541487213989.jpg' /><br>Vacuum casting is a casting process using polyurethane as materials pouring into a vacuum mold to create another duplicate of the original model. This kind of technique is frequently used in mass production process and also is a quickly and cost-effective way for small numbers of prototyping. Many of our customers use vacuum casting as a good way to produce samples for functional testing or marketing. Vacuum Casting One Stop Service <img src='productpic/ps_ijoj1487214078.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> adopts professional work specialization on every project. We assign a single window sales to carry on the project for facilitate the communication. From the beginning of kicking off the project to the package for final step. We all have our own separate team members to in charge of every stage work. One Stop Service One Stop Solution <img src='productpic/ps_jhhf1487214117.png' /><br>Service Guarantee:<br /> All information is under non-disclosure guarantee.<br /> Single window and full service.<br /> Reporting our progress of the prototype and completed sample by providing photos.<br /> One Week Delivery:<br /> One Week Delivery is for mobile phone, pad, tablet, remote control, headphone….etc and 10-14 working days for notebook, printer…etc. One Stop Solution Custom Made Models <img src='productpic/ps_z0vm1487214186.png' /><br><ol> <li> Our factory specilize in all customized appearance model according to your own design. </li> <li> We are OEM/ODM manufacturer, that is, we do not have existing mold or produce and we only manufacture the product based on your own sample or 3D drawings. </li> </ol> <br /> Our Services:<br /> <ul> <li> QC system: 100% inspection before shipment. </li> <li> Quality guarantee: The main materials we use are all high level in the domestic. We offer stable quality, preferential price, on-time delivery and refined services. </li> </ul> Custom Made Models Production Process <img src='productpic/ps_wqis1487214223.png' /><br><ol> <li> Quality inspector is responsibility for inspection incoming material. </li> <li> Each QC to monitor every production line and process for quality problem, checking , analysis and solution. </li> <li> Through quality analysis and inspection before packaging. </li> <li> Deliver the finished goods to customer. Need to check surface quality and quantity according to delivery packing list. </li> <li> The entire process all the strict implementation of the system of check and acceptance, so that stable and reliable product quality. </li> </ol> Production Process Surface Engineering <img src='productpic/ps_xnpc1487214394.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> offers wide range of services<br /> <ul> <li> Laser Etching </li> <li> Color Painting </li> <li> Bead blasting </li> <li> Polishing </li> <li> Silk &amp; pad printing </li> <li> Carbon fiber </li> <li> Soft touch painting </li> <li> Glossy coating </li> <li> E-coating </li> <li> Powder coating </li> <li> PVD </li> <li> Rubber </li> <li> Texture </li> <li> Foil </li> </ul> <br /> We do practical work, seek practical results, create first-class service brand, perfect corporate image of the tree. Surface Engineering Surface Finishing Process <img src='productpic/ps_amcj1487214477.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> offers wide range of services<br /> <ul> <li> Anodizing </li> <li> Electro Plating </li> <li> Vacuum Metallization </li> <li> Transparent tinted Acrylic </li> <li> Diamond cut </li> <li> Hairline </li> <li> Spin </li> <li> Chemical Etching </li> <li> Hot Stamping </li> <li> Soft goods &amp;wearable accessories </li> <li> Leather &amp; fabric finish </li> </ul> <br /> Our professional finishing lab<br /> <!--{$companyname}--> has its own professional in-house finishing experts to assist you to realize your design. Li-Wei team engineers' mature experience and skill plus the smooth cooperation with different manufacturers make us to be more successful to achieve any challenges from all kinds of design concepts. Surface Finishing Process Custom 3D Printing <img src='productpic/ps_ylts1487214563.jpg' /><br>Rapid prototyping means to build three-dimensional model of the model or product. Rapid prototyping is used to test and verify with the shape or size of a design and test the efficiency of a part or product before it is putting into mass production. The applied material are: SLS nylon, metal, ABS, PC and more with 3D printing. Custom 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping <img src='productpic/ps_wxkp1487214612.jpg' /><br>Rapid Prototyping Services we provide:<br /> CNC Precision Machining<br /> SLA/SLS (Stereolithography/Selective Laser Sintering) <br /> Silicone Rubber Mold and Vacuum Casting<br /> RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)<br /> Sheetmetal Prototype<br /> <br /> Industries we served:<br /> Digital Products, Electronics, Household Appliance, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Internet, Medical Equipment, Automobile, Educations, Consumer Goods, Kitchenware, Sports, Toys, etc. Rapid Prototyping Rapid Prototyping Services <img src='productpic/ps_j8b21487214649.jpg' /><br>We have the best quality control system in the field of rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.<br /> <br /> Firstly,we review the 3D drawing from client. If the 3d drawing files does not meet the rapid prototyping process, our businessman will communicate with you in a timely manner, to improve the drawing.<br /> Secondly, We ensure regular maintenance of equipments used in the manufacturing process and testing accuracy.<br /> Third, All process of tracking testing to ensure we produce all products in dimensional accuracy requirements within limits.<br /> Including packaging and shipping, we will also do all stages of the best.<br /> Lastly, our businessman will track late in the customer after receipt of the prototype to ensure the it meets customer expectations. Rapid Prototyping Services Soft Goods Prototyping <img src='productpic/ps_qa41487214757.png' /><br>To follow the soft goods development trend, <!--{$companyname}--> owns a sewing lab and a group of specialist that can help our customers making the soft goods samples with the same quality as mass production. Also this sample can be treated as a test sample for designers to do some inspection and future modification. <!--{$companyname}--> can help our clients to search any kinds of materials and provide great ideas during the production. Soft Goods Prototyping Soft Prototyping <img src='productpic/ps_rmta1487214881.png' /><br><!--{$companyname}-->'s ability is devoted to provide the best solutions for every soft goods products. We are striving to become the leaders of soft goods manufacturing industry.<br /> <br /> We own the experienced skills and techniques to create soft goods materials and manufactured products to solve our customers' difficulties and requirements. Soft Prototyping Prototyping Solutions <img src='productpic/ps_smfg1487214956.png' /><br>We provide the best soft goods solution for every challenge using appropriate materials and process. When the current process or materials cannot solve the present challenges, we create one.<br /> <br /> Our design is advanced and we own the leading knowledge of the industrial manufacture and market demands. We welcome any special challenges from our customers and we believe we have abilities to do so. Prototyping Solutions